“When someone is impatient and says, ‘I
haven’t got all day,’ I always wonder, How can that be? How can you not have
all day?” — George Carlin

You are seldom impatient or in a hurry. This is in part because
you tend to stay relaxed and relatively laid-back; but there are two more
important reasons. First, you are seriously interested in other people and in
what they have to say. Allowing time to listen is thus something that you value
and want to do. Second, you are able to plan and arrange things so you have
time and don’t need to rush or become impatient. You have an uncanny ability to
be places just in time, have things done just in time, and to be available just
in time when others need to talk. This extends to managing your schedules so
there is always enough time to calmly take care of whatever needs your
attention now.