“A moment’s insight is sometimes worth a
life’s experience.” — Oliver Wendell Holmes

As you stop to consider these brief points about interpersonal
excellence, you may be tempted to dismiss them as having nothing to do with
you. You certainly don’t need anymore insight into the people thing. You have
plenty of insight, evidenced by the fact that you don’t experience any
interpersonal glitches worth mentioning.

Well, good for you. In that case, just think of the points as a
new kind of horoscope. They predict how you will handle the people thing
tomorrow. Just how cool is that? It’s down right clairvoyant. It may even be
amazing. As you consider how totally terrific it really is, though, Ann Landers
slipped in a little insight of her own that may serve to assure that you are
considering the points from the most helpful perspective, “Know yourself. Don’t
accept your dog’s admiration as conclusive evidence that you are wonderful.”
Yes, you maybe wonderful and likely are; but it can’t hurt anything to take a
few minutes to stop to consider these brief, new perspectives on old and
well-tested ideas.