“We should be too big to take offense and
too noble to give it.” — Abraham Lincoln

You are generally positive about most people and most
situations. Some people are negative about everything and everyone or
unpredictably negative about things. You can’t tell when or where they are
going to be in a snit about something or someone. Alternatively, the few things
and people about whom you are negative are clearly known and predictable. There
are few surprises.

There is a significant advantage to being generally positive and
predictably negative. Negativity is energy draining and inhibits intuition.
Being mostly positive avoids the downside of being negative. Further, knowing
when and what people and circumstances prompt negativity lessens the emotional
drain and makes it easier to manage the bad vibes so as to minimize the
suppressing affect on intuition. You know that the cost of negativity is too
high to tolerate beyond that which can’t be avoided.